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Digital Marketing

Single Barrel Events wanted more search engine optimization and better visual representations of their business through the website as well as other digital mediums; so, they requested a website remodel from Black Iris Branding. We remodeled their website and did a digital footprint analysis to see where they existed online. Single Barrel Events have since grown their business of mobile bartending as well as branch off another service by providing brand ambassadors to different retail vendors.

JJP Landscaping needed to further establish their business by providing a website to share their story and examples of their work to customers. Black Iris Branding built the visual story through before and after pictures, added a tag line of “Transform your outdoors”, provided testimonials, and shared JJP Landscaping’s personal story to connect with the audience. We also worked with JJP Landscaping in developing social media accounts and content creation.

This started out as a website rebuild and turned into so much more. Bee the Positive has built an e-commerce company, written a book on bullying and being oneself, and spoken at many events about self confidence, bullying, and positivity in life. Black Iris Branding has had the pleasure of navigating and consulting Bee the Positive through this amazing journey of growth.

Tri-Star Portable Restrooms started their business with 30 portable restrooms and has since grown in the past 3 years to over 300+ portable restrooms serviced for construction sites, events, and miscellaneous uses. They have also expanded their business to septic pumping. We have worked with Tri-Star on building a website, consulting them on establishing the best target market to approach for their services, and branding for recognition among potential clients.

Builders and Associates of Blount County used to be named Maryville Alcoa Home Builders Association. In 2022, they decided to do a rebranding of the association. We had worked with them on social media, outreach, and events in the past. We had the opportunity to create a new logo, website, and Instagram account as part of their rebranding in 2023 as well as rebrand their Google Business and Facebook accounts.

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