Purchase Memories, not ads.

When it comes to advertising, I see millions upon millions of dollars thrown away on lack of innovation. Why would your business spend money on something that does not make an impact on your audience? Is it a gamble? Is it just replicating what others are doing? Is it the sense of feeling like you have to do something for your business? Did you take the time to really research and review how this ad you created, or an agency created would influence your consumers? Yes, there are these anomalies called, “viral ads” which induce a multitude of shares between colleagues, family members, and even strangers. What about the ads that just create a memory? Was it a jingle, something relatable, or just funny? There are several radio ads which have done well with creating a jingle which earworms your brain to the point you question your sanity. There are TV commercials which linger in our minds long after their first premier. There are even billboards which manage to capture our attention in the 5-10 seconds we read them while passing them at 70 miles per hour on the interstate. At the end of the day, how does your business spend advertising dollars to maximize attention around the ad?

We have the answer. Attention is the commodity. Augmented Reality is the next step in the evolution in advertising.

I started my own marketing firm last year (Black Iris Branding) and quickly realized the saturation of marketing and advertising services. I happened upon an artist named Brant Hindman doing augmented reality. His business was called Living Duality. He was taking QR codes and making the connection to a website which housed an augmented reality experience. The interesting aspect of this is , businesses, like yourself, are using QR codes. Now, Brant and I have partnered to create LDP Studio and have the technology to take the QR code to the next evolution of advertising. The QR code remains static or unchanging; however, the information behind the QR code can change, which allows businesses to have more control over print material in making it a changing advertisement.

Here is a picture I took in a local car dealership showroom of the use of QR codes for a Mini Cooper ad. Now, imagine what an augmented reality experience could do for that current QR code which leads to the Mini Cooper website. An augmented reality experience could pop up in front of the customer in the comfort of their home with the full Mini Cooper Family.

Here is where I see your business can benefit. Augmented reality experiences have a 70% retention rate from being experiential. This means, that every customer who interacts with the QR code will have a 70% chance of remembering the experience. Augmented reality creates a memory because of the interactivity of the use.

We have created an augmented reality experience for Audi to see for yourself. This is only Iphone compatible right now. However, as we are growing, we are currently developing the means for cross compatibility to Android as well.

If you are on your computer, scan the QR code with your Iphone. If you are on your Iphone, click on the link under the QR code. Once the link comes up, click on the cube in the top right-hand corner and follow the directions. The camera needs to scan the area. Flat surfaces work best. The Audi logo will appear and rotate, then an Audi R8 will appear in the background.


This AR asset is just a prototype to show you the capabilities. We can model out many different logos, cars, and experiences; then, place them in the hands of your customers. This allows your customers to place any augmented reality experience from your business into their home. The experiential impact of visioning your product in their space, provides a memory which print ads can not do.

To check out some other experiences, please check out our website : http://ldp.studio

There is a great video on the home page which gives insight to the future and why we are acting now on augmented reality technology.

We know augmented reality is the future and I am offering you the opportunity to be one of the first to join us in this exciting journey into the future.

If you would like to set a meeting to discuss further, I will be glad to meet with you.

Kindest regards,

Jessee Black

Managing Director

Black Iris Branding



Head of Marketing and Sales

LDP Studio




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